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is to contribute to your success as a technological partner.

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is to prove that fulfillment at work generates more value for our clients.


Our Expertise

Nexus Innovations offers custom software development services. Our specialties are web applications, microsites, web services / APIs, and improving collaboration platforms (SharePoint, Office365). We operate a development center in Pointe-St-Charles, where our experts work in an environment that stimulates teamwork and professional growth. We use Microsoft technologies, mostly, since the ecosystem allows us to reach unparalleled productivity. Also for productivity purposes, we’re always pushing to be at the forefront of technological innovations. Our project management approach is inspired by Agile principles, and we can help our clients through the process if needed. Our services do not end when a project is delivered; we also have a dedicated support team that can be reached through an online ticketing system. Want to know more? Discover our services.


Want to know more?   Discover our services.

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Our offices

We operate a development center hosting a permanent team in Montreal, in the Pointe St-Charles borough. We do provide software consulting services, but we’re not a staffing company! It is important for us to keep the team together in a work environment tailored for productivity, creativity, teamwork and the diffusion of knowledge. Do not worry, our experts may travel occasionally to better understand your technological environment, your needs, and to insure smooth deployment of your custom solution.