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  • That it’s good to feel good at work. Thanks to work.

    We believe

    Finding personal fulfillment at work is more than a matter of wages and schedules, it’s about being autonomous, achieving one’s potential, helping one another. And, of course, having fun.

    We’re not perfect. But we’re better than we were yesterday.

    You’re in the best position to know what your business needs. This is the spirit of open-mindedness that we bring when we meet with our partners. Our experts adapt to your needs every step of the way, complementing your unique expertise. And there are no secrets along the way: we keep you posted about successes as well as setbacks. For us, obstacles are opportunities to learn with you. We believe that’s what consulting is all about.

    And it’s no different when we’re at home. Nexus is a safe space for its employees, a place where people are free to think, speak, act—and, most importantly, succeed. Because we believe that if a person feels good in their day-to-day life, results come on their own.

    Our favourite colour. There’s no room for secrets: open communication is a must.
    We did the math. The whole is without a doubt greater than the sum of its parts.
    Because the journey is as important as the destination.
    Your project is also our project.

    Us means them.


    Lover of cats, veggie food, video games and beautiful design

    His day cannot begin without his Nutella toast, aka his main fuel for technological innovation.

    Her two main passions: people, eating. Not to be confused together.


    The first one to pay close attention to what is going on around him, anytime, anywhere.


    The athlete everyone wants to be : swimmer, runner, cyclist, handsome.


    Always in the countryside, you know, in his hood.


    What occupies 90% of her brain: rethinking the world of work. For what’s left : how not to kill her plants.


    Gourmet sometimes, curious at all times and full-time conductor


    Want to go on an outdoor trip? Simon will always be there to organize it!

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