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  • Strong teams, solid software.

    We offer

    Our software engineering experts adapt to the needs of your business to develop custom, high-end solutions.


    We know software engineering. And we keep you in the know, too.

    As an extension of your organization, our experts work with yours transparently to deliver the best product possible for you, with you.


    Major migration. Close collaboration.

    Thinking of switching from a legacy solution to an SaaS product? We offer custom development by capitalizing on the strengths of the Azure cloud. From ideation to production launch, we support you in the development of the product architecture and roadmap, the design and the user experience.

    Learn how to focus on the information needed for decision-making. Technology alignment, project estimate, delivery strategy and risk identification: manage it all within a very short span of time.
    Our agile development teams are optimized to meet your needs. Developers from your company work within our teams to facilitate knowledge transfer and the implementation of best practices.

    Microsoft 365, we deliver 360° support.

    By taking full advantage of Microsoft 365, you can transform your organization and boost employee impact. That’s why our experts’ mission is to endow your business units with the know-how they need to get the most out of this technology solution.

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    Make the most of Microsoft 365 and meet your business needs by focusing on user experience.  
    State-of-the-art work environment
    Inspire enhanced collaboration among your employees with an up-to-the-minute, easy-to-use, turnkey intranet solution.  
    Focus on what really matters by leveraging the suite’s collaborative and productivity tools to their full potential.  
    Microsoft 365 custom solutions
    Make your vision of Microsoft 365 solutions a reality that meshes perfectly with your needs.  

    Dynamics 365, integrated enterprise, for real.

    From sales and finance to customer services, your solutions need to match your ambitions. Give your employees the right tools and let them perform miracles.

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    Power platform
    Simplify the way you work and deliver more with: 
    • Customer engagement 
    • Customer services 
    • Sales 
    • Customer Insight 
    • Business central 
    • A solution is only as good as the way you use it. 
    • Enhance you team potential with training, coaching and mentoring. 
    M365 Integration
    • Integrate your collaboration tools (Teams, SharePoint) with your business ones 
    • Boost your results through people’s connection. 
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