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  • The people behind your software solutions.

    We are

    Our experts support organizations in the creation of unique business solutions, leveraging Microsoft technologies to the fullest.

    What we do
    Application and web development

    From design to development to post-delivery follow-up, we create custom solutions for businesses of the future.

    Collaboration platforms

    Our team of Microsoft 365 experts supports you in the adoption and customization of your communication tools so that you can get the most out of them.

    How we do it
    Microsoft solutions

    They guarantee sustainability and accessibility, which is why we promote them.

    Cloud technologies

    Leverage all the power of the Azure platform.

    Agile principles

    Collaboration, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction are fundamental to each of our projects.

    We stick around.

    We don’t leave you in the lurch once the solution has been delivered. As your partner first and foremost, we provide attentive support services.

    A bit of background

    Nexus was founded in 2017 by a team made up of intrapreneurs and customer service-focused individuals with one goal in common: to promote the software/business partnership. Building on its diverse expertise and flexible structure, our small team quickly came to understand and manage the different realities of its partners, who saw Nexus as the technology partner of their dreams.

    From the very beginning, we put employee well-being high on our list of priorities. And this culture of nurturing brought us a long way: from a single employee in April 2017, we grew to a staff of 50 in a few short years. Fully convinced that progress is facilitated by teamwork, we believe that personal fulfillment creates value, as do diversity and versatility. Making a real impact, working collectively and individually, leveraging multiple skills and unique talents: that’s what working with us means.

    Let's get acquainted
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