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    .NET Web Developer

    A few words about Nexus and the job

    We’re looking for full-stack developers who want to create custom software solutions, learn the ins-and-outs of client business processes, and make a decisive impact on project delivery. We’re also looking for people who can contribute to every phase of software-development projects (web, DevOps, databases, QA, infrastructure, architecture, and more).

    Dynamics 365 Integrator

    A few words about Nexus and the job

    This position is central to our ability to deliver solutions. We’re looking for someone who solves client problems and is fully committed to project and team success. A self-starter who’s not afraid to make mistakes.


    Project Delivery Manager

    A few words about Nexus and the job

    We’re looking for a Project Delivery Manager to join our team of professionals who love what they do. You’ll work closely with other strategists at Nexus, particularly our Talent & Culture Lead, our Finance Lead, and our President – to whom you’ll report directly. Your primary mission is to ensure a personalized, high-quality, and effective collaborative experience with Nexus partners from start to finish on every project.

    SRE Developer

    A few words about Nexus and the job

    What exactly does an SRE developer do? Software development, of course. What else? You apply your programming know-how to operations. By operations, I’m referring to an application’s life cycle once its features have been deployed.

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    We believe that the well-being of each and every employee is essential to that of a company and its customers. That’s why we take it seriously.


    Because physical and mental health for you and your family are important to us.

    Fitness activity costs reimbursed

    Because we believe that nothing beats a healthy mind in a healthy body.

    Unlimited flexibility

    Because who better than you to decide when you need to take a break.

    Professional development costs reimbursed

    Because we care about growing human potential and helping our employees thrive.

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