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Your gateway to success.

Portals, or extranets, are powerful tools that can help you overcome your unique business challenges and gain a competitive edge by changing the way you collaborate, share information, and engage with your business partners.

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What is a portal?

It’s a space to interact securely and share information with people outside your organization. A portal is a great self-serve tool to enhance your users’ experience.

Why do you need one?

Portals are a must-have for any organization that embraces the fact that in order to thrive, it needs to interact with its ecosystem. By providing a seamless, user-friendly experience, portals can increase productivity, streamline workflows, increase the level of service and, ultimately, drive growth.

A unique resource for your business partners.

At Nexus Innovations we have an ingenious way of creating portals. We put users before the tech!  We know that business applications are only as good as the way we use them and that without adoption, they have no value. That’s why we focus your users’ wants, to build purposeful solutions that they will love to:

01 —

Share and access information;

02 —

Collaborate on projects;

03 —

Streamline business operations;

04 —

Perform transactions or submit documents;

05 —

Get assistance and support.


Why we use Microsoft Technologies?

By leveraging the customization capabilities of Microsoft technologies, we can help you build unique solutions that will transform your organization. Simply. Cost-effectively. Microsoft solutions guarantee sustainability, accessibility, and security. They are reliable solutions for businesses of all sizes. They provide low-code environments that reduce development costs. Microsoft solutions are highly customizable and can be shaped to fit any organization’s needs.

Cost savings

Their scalability, efficiency, and integrated approach, streamlining processes are reducing overall expenses for businesses.

Easy to use

Designed with user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation, and a focus on simplicity, making it easy for users to learn and use various Microsoft products seamlessly. 


Designed to handle varying workloads and adapt to changing business needs and easily expand or reduce resources based on demand without compromising performance or efficiency.

Highly secure

Using robust security measures, continuous monitoring, and regular updates, advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, and comprehensive compliance standards to safeguard data.


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