Intranet —

Communication and collaboration made easy.

Intranets are valuable tools that can enhance employees’ work experience and help you overcome your challenges by changing the way your employees access information, (communicate, train, collaborate).

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What is an intranet?

It’s a private platform designed to improve collaboration within an organization—making it easy to communication and share information among employees, departments, and workgroups.

Why do you need one?

By providing a secure platform for the sharing of important company information and data, an intranet can help improve overall communication, collaboration, and efficiency within an organization, as well as increase transparency and accountability.

A unique resource for your employees.

At Nexus Innovations we have an ingenious way of creating intranets. We put users, customers, partners and suppliers before the tech!  We know that products are only as good as the way we use them and that without adoption, they have no value. That’s why we focus your users’ wants, to build purposeful solutions that they will love to:

01 —

Centralize information;

02 —

Ensure reliable and accessible information in real time to the right people;

03 —

Break down silos;

04 —

Retain talent.


Why we use Microsoft SharePoint?

It integrates seamlessly into daily work tools. The native SharePoint features meet the vast majority of employee portal needs without expensive development. It guarantees sustainability, accessibility, and security, making it a reliable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Cost savings

Their scalability, efficiency, and integrated approach, streamlining processes are reducing overall expenses for businesses.

Easy to use

Designed with user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation, and a focus on simplicity, making it easy for users to learn and use various Microsoft products seamlessly. 


Designed to handle varying workloads and adapt to changing business needs and easily expand or reduce resources based on demand without compromising performance or efficiency.

Highly secure

Using robust security measures, continuous monitoring, and regular updates, advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, and comprehensive compliance standards to safeguard data.


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