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Sarrazin+Plourde: Strategy and technology roadmap to stay ahead of the game

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To be innovative in a conservative industry can be a big risk, but it can also be a powerful differentiator.

It was with this in mind that Sarrazin+Plourde asked Nexus Innovations to establish a technology roadmap, in order to strengthen its competitive edge. Taking a step back to ensure the company stays ahead of the game – that’s the decision they made.

Since its creation, Sarrazin+Plourde dared to do things differently. The firm has been a forerunner on many fronts, notably in dispute prevention and resolution, knowledge management and the digital transformation of the profession. Whether their lawyers have over 40 years’ experience or are just beginning their careers, they make a point of exploring all avenues of innovation and rethinking traditional ways of doing things. Collaboration is an integral part of their practice, both between colleagues and with customers. Commitment, boldness and excellence are the key values that fuel and guide the team every day in achieving our mission: to develop innovative, tailor-made legal solutions.

Business goals

According to our experience, a small business reaches a plateau of growth before reaching maturity. As the business evolves, the organizational structure, management style, extent of formal systems and resource requirements may change.

Sarrazin+Plourde’s business challenges were directly related to its growth:

  • Complex, constantly evolving knowledge management
  • Numerous projects running in parallel, requiring more efficient execution and delivery
  • Need to improve collaboration and information sharing
  • Desire to improve the employee work experience
  • Lack of visibility on metrics and inability to make data-driven decisions at the right time.

Proposed solution

To ensure the organization’s short-, medium- and long-term success, Nexus helped Sarrazin+Plourde define a strategy and technology roadmap.

The solution proposed by Nexus consists in 3 stages:

  1. Discovery: Between 5-8 workshops in the presence of the client to review the organization’s business processes: get an understanding of the organization, its differentiators, its key processes, the systems in place and the issues.
  2. Diagnosis: Report describing the underlying causes of the problems encountered, a technology monitoring exercise and proposed solutions.
  3. Technology roadmap: Detailed plan including a prioritization of key technology solutions to be deployed in the short, medium and long term, including a budget and timetable for realization.

We were very impressed by Nexus’ expertise and professionalism during our collaborative workshops. From the start, they were quick to identify and understand our needs, proposing tailor-made solutions that went beyond our expectations. We were delighted to work with a team so aligned with our values and vision. 

Marie-Claude Sarrazin, Managing Partner at Sarrazin+Plourde.

Next steps

With their technology roadmap, Sarrazin+Plourde is ready to implement the technology solutions planned according to the identified priorities:

  • Implementation of a business intelligence decision-making tool.
  • Implementation of a collaboration tool and standardization of business processes.
  • Automation of project management activities
  • Implementation of a customer management tool
  • Innovative legal knowledge management solution.

Impact on the organization and its people

This strategic consulting and technology roadmap project allowed Sarrazin+Plourde to align its technology initiatives with the company’s business objectives, and to position itself for sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The management team emerged with a clear and precise vision of the next steps, ensuring efficient implementation and smooth, planned change management.

Project team

  • Samuel Lapointe, Corporate VP
  • Mathieu Boldireff, Business Solution Leader

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