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Recipe to reduce information loss.

3 minutes read - Technology
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(Recipe at the end)

Teams is increasingly taking its place in our organizations as a communication tool, but should Teams only be used to communicate? (You know the answer is no) Rather, it should be our main tool for collaboration, and to do so, it should have access to the information that allows us to do our job.

So in order to improve this collaboration between team members, it would be a bit silly to miss the option of easily integrating Dynamics 365 for Sales with Teams. When you think about it, our teams already spend a lot of their time on Teams in order to exchange on the different accounts associated with them (and on many other “very” relevant things). Some information can be vital to close an opportunity.  We all know that this information may get lost in the Teams window if access to the customer’s account is as far away as the minimized browser in our task bar.

Without deceiving oneself, even by having direct access to accounts, opportunities and contacts, the information exchanged in Teams could be lost (no one likes to enter duplicate information, myself included), but by facilitating this access we reduce our risk to succumb to laziness. If we add a little bit of user training and a group structure by customer account, we keep the basis of a recipe for effective information management.

For example, the sales team is working on an opportunity and discussing through Teams strategy to eclipse the competition. Following the discussion, a decision is made to send one of the team members to the client to confirm their involvement and unlock the opportunity.  Rather than having to open Dynamics 365 in the browser, find the opportunity and add a new task, the team can simply go into the integration tab and add the activity to the team opportunity directly. Less clicking, less step, less risk that the information is not entered and seeing the team redo the same steps equal less cost associated with sales. (Here less is really more)

If a 15 minutes setup can help guide our teams to best information management practices then I shout it out loud: “JUST DO IT?” As a bonus, the integration gives you a piece of robot that allows you to access the information directly from the chat box.


2kg of exchanged information


Preheat your Teams and Dynamics For Sales by setting them up.

Prepare your team in a large bowl to use Teams correctly.

Put the relevant exchanged information in Dynamics For Sales via your Teams in the appropriate group.

Close your sales and serve hot.


  1. Big juicy contracts requiring a long sales cycle in order to continue the sales activity without repeating steps.
  2. A development team that thrives on information and context to carry out their task.

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