Nexus innovations offers custom software engineering services

Bring us a technological project, or an enterprise need, and we will mobilize a team of qualified developers to elaborate the best possible solution. Nexus has the capabilities to seamlessly adapt to your in-place systems and deliver projects of virtually any scope. Many parallels can be drawn between software engineering and construction, and since a picture is worth a thousand words, we decided to categorize our extensive expertise into more familiar residential construction projects.

The new home

The new home

Nexus can build you a brand-new home: We start from a blank page, we make a list of your needs, draw up some flow charts and architectural diagrams, and propose a delivery timetable. Once an agreement about the project’s objectives and work items is reached, we are ready to mobilize a bespoke team of experts to execute the job. They will get to work on the foundations and ground-work and won’t stop until your finished home is ready to ship. Although we are fully staffed with the highest quality operators, we at Nexus Innovations appreciate that you may want to use experts of your own for certain parts of the project and are fully prepared to accommodate any such requests you may have. To translate this analogy into software development, we are talking about key-in-hand software solutions: analysis, architecture, backend, frontend, and support and maintenance. We take care of everything.

The garage

The garage

Already have a house, but wish you could add an extension? Look no further. At Nexus, we refer to this type of work as software integration. For example, we can extend functionalities on one or more existing systems by delivering software components which can serve various functions:

  • A connector that transfers data from one system to another
  • An interface that aggregates data from multiple systems and produces reports
  • A connector that detects events in one system and pushes notifications to a collaboration tool
  • A new module that adds functionalities to an existing application

The ancestral home

The ancestral home

Finally, there’s the ancestral home: of great value, rich with history, but that needs to be modernized. In software terms, we are talking about refactoring or transformation projects, or, for minor renovations, support and maintenance. A typical example would be making an old web application’s visual interface responsive (compatible with modern mobile devices) without altering its functionalities. For this type of undertaking, our team first insures diagnostic and code quality tools are valid and up to date (unit testing, integration testing, user testing) in order to detect regressions that could be introduced by the transformation. This may require a little bit more initial effort, but it guarantees the foundations of your ancestral home stand strong. Here are a few examples of transformation projects:

  • Evolving a version of a framework (SharePoint, Sitecore, PHP, .NET, Angular, etc.)
  • Redesigning and rebuilding a visual interface for a legacy application
  • Migrating the infrastructure of a system (local servers-> cloud)
  • The transfer of support and maintenance responsibilities to the Nexus team.

Web application development

Custom web applications (.NET Framework)

UI/UX design

Microsites (WordPress)

Maintenance and support of your existing applications

Collaboration platforms (SharePoint and Office365)

Development and maintenance of custom intranets

Development of custom webparts / components

Advice and guidance on governance, migration and content management

Solution integration (Web Services, APIs)

Data transfer between organisations and systems

Enterprise software integration

Our Technologies

Nexus primarily works with Microsoft technologies (.NET Framework). We’re not tightly bound to one technology tool or another, but we value productivity greatly. At the moment, our strategic use of Microsoft platforms (Office365, Visual Studio Online, Azure) and leveraging their different integrations gives us unparalleled productivity. If you’re interested, we can help our clients adopt the Microsoft ecosystem to boost their productivity. However, our quest for productivity stretches well beyond Microsoft’s platforms. Our developers are constantly evaluating new tools to stay at the cutting edge of different aspects of software development: frontend development, data storage and analytics, collaboration tools, environment monitoring, DevOps, etc. We believe technological innovation should be driven by actual developers and Nexus gives them the latitude to do so.

The agile method

For project management, we prefer the Agile approach. Typically, a project will start with a needs assessment session followed by a non-binding statement of work with a high-level estimate of the efforts. We then help you build a product backlog that should be maintained and prioritized by a product owner (PO), selected from the client’s team. Nexus then delivers testable software increments (sprints) and schedules sprint meetings to monitor the project progression.

Typically, the duration of a sprint is 2 weeks. Nexus also assigns a Scrum Master to help the PO manage the backlog, keep developers focused on their work, organize and animate meetings, and prepare sprint reports. Nexus offers competitive hourly rates and detailed billing.

Support and maintenance

Once a solution is delivered, we also offer a support service with a dedicated team and an online ticketing service. The support team is available to execute sporadic changes or bug fixes in your solution, without having to plan an extensive project.