We build strong teams that build strong software

Bring us a technological project, or an enterprise need, and we will mobilize a team of qualified developers to elaborate the best possible solution for you and your teams. Nexus has the capability to seamlessly adapt to your in-place systems, and deliver projects that will solve real needs.

Web application development & solution integration (Web Services et APIs)

  • Cloud MVP design
  • Cloud product evolution
  • AI-powered solutions
  • Custom web applications
  • UI/UX design
  • Maintenance and support of your existing applications
  • Data transfer between organisations and system
  • Product roadmap delivery

Collaboration platforms (SharePoint, Teams and Office 365)

Cloud-based ERPs

  • Process modeling
  • Solution implementation and configuration
  • Dynamics 365 integration with third parties
  • Process automation
  • Enterprise data visualisation

Our Technologies

Nexus primarily works with Microsoft technologies (.NET Framework). We greatly value productivity and our strategic use of Microsoft platforms allows unparalleled efficiency.

However, our quest for productivity stretches well beyond Microsoft’s platforms-our developers are constantly evaluating new tools to stay at the cutting edge of different aspects of software development: frontend development, data storage and analytics, collaboration tools, environment monitoring, DevOps, etc.

We believe technological innovation should be driven by developers, and Nexus gives them the latitude to do so.

The agile method

For project management, we prefer the Agile approach. Typically, a project will start with a needs assessment session followed by a non-binding statement of work with a high-level estimate of the efforts. We then help you build a product backlog that should be maintained and prioritized by a product owner (PO), selected from the client’s team. Nexus then delivers testable software increments (sprints) and schedules sprint meetings to monitor the project progression.

Typically, the duration of a sprint is 2 weeks. Nexus also assigns a project manager to help the PO manage the backlog, keep developers focused on their work, organize and animate meetings, and prepare sprint reports. Transparency and teamwork are key to our and to our customers’ success.

Support and maintenance

Once a solution is delivered, we also offer a support service with a dedicated team and an online ticketing service. The support team is available to execute sporadic changes or bug fixes in your solution, without having to plan an extensive project. We will make sure your solution evolves with you.