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Nexus upgrades Centre de services scolaires Marie-Victorin’s intranet

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Centre de services scolaires Marie-Victorin (CSS) is an educational centre that serves more than 44,000 students (both youths and adults). It also has a regular staff of about 5,000 people, which makes it one of the South Shore’s leading employers.

The CSS faced a major challenge in that it needed to upgrade its 10-year-old intranet and endow it with unique and customizable user-experience features. Nexus Innovations was chosen as the technology provider for this mandate, which has since developed into an ongoing business partnership. As a trusted partner, Nexus is now fortunate to be part of the CSS technology roadmap.

Business challenges

Centre de services scolaire Marie-Victorin decided to invest in an intranet-upgrade project designed to improve its performance, including:

  • Enhancing employee job satisfaction, loyalty, and impact
  • Meeting the growing communications needs of its various departments and institutions
  • Centralizing, structuring, and implementing information governance

Technology needs

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use portal for employees with varying levels of web literacy
  • Customizable interface design
  • Inclusion of intranet pages through Teams tabs
  • Capability of locating information within the intranet in accordance with various pre-defined fields (tags)
  • Capability of creating page templates to allow for re-use of existing page layouts

Suggested solution

SharePoint Online provides a range of native features that allows organizations to structure their communications, assuming the environment is configured appropriately.

For the CSS, Nexus opted for a centralized approach consisting of a hub that brings together information posted by the organization’s various departments as well as the key resources that employees need on a regular basis.

Adopting the solution

A technology solution may have tremendous potential, but it is only as effective as the way users implement it. That’s why, at Nexus, we strongly emphasize adopting – to the fullest – the solutions we develop.

The Nexus project team maximized buy-in for the new state-of-the-art CSS portal by delivering the resources needed for sustaining and supporting the solution. The team also made recommendations to the CSS on best practices for enhancing users’ navigation experience and produced several training capsules on the functions most frequently used by CSS employees.

The team at Nexus was very supportive of CSS Marie-Victorin, displaying openness and flexibility. The experts – always accessible and committed to the mandate – provided the project team with sound and effective advice.

Stéphanie Quirion, Communication, digital media and marketing

By developing and deploying business technologies, Nexus seeks to help individuals enhance their impact at work as well as their organization’s overall performance. Here are the main results expected by Centre de services scolaire Marie-Victorin:

Impact on the organization and its people

  • Easier and more efficient internal communications
  • Less friction in joining and using the M365 platform
  • The information shared with the various establishments, services, and trades is now more appropriate and useful since it is targeted
  • Significant decrease in calls for support in finding information on the intranet
  • Increase in daily intranet traffic.

Project team

  • Mathieu Delisle, M365 Integrator
  • Joel Vézina, M365 Expert
  • Jacques-Alexandre Bergeron, M365 Practice Leader
  • Alexandra Lévy, Delivery Manager

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