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  • Nexus Innovations is a finalist for Les Mercuriades’ Employer of the Year competition

    We are very proud to announce that Nexus is a finalist in the Promutuel Employer of the Year category for the 2023 Les Mercuriades competition. We stood out among leading Québec PME in this category, which rewards cutting-edge strategy and innovative practices in human resources management.

    This recognition means a great deal to us because Les Mercuriades is the province’s most prestigious business competition. Winners and finalists are role models that inspire the next generation of business people – and we are truly grateful to be included among them.

    How did we earn our nomination?

    It’s really a matter of daring. We dared to:

    • Think and do things differently.
    • Place our employees' well-being ahead of financial performance and create an innovative organizational structure – a cellular structure.
    • Challenge ourselves, practise attentive listening, and respond with empathy when 20% of our employees resigned.
    • Adjust swiftly.
    • Be transparent during our organizational transformation process.
    • Withstand blows to our egos and seek support whenever we were out of answers.
    • Listen to our intuition and put our values of flexibility and inclusion first at whatever cost.

    Our resilience is what finally enabled us to create a culture of growth and feedback, resulting in enhanced career development and employee loyalty.

    Today, we are a 65-strong company with a 6-year track record of achievement. In 2020, Nexus Innovations ranked 14th on the Canadian Business Startup List in terms of growth nationwide. In 2021, the Québec Technology Association named our company the Tech SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) of the Year. And now, we are a finalist in Les Mercuriades’s Employer of the Year competition!

    Winners will be announced at the Les Mercuriades gala evening, which will be held on May 23, 2023.

    Stay tuned!

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