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  • Nexus has co-developed the BTX application: a tool for global health assessment powered by artificial intelligence

    In Canada, 33% of sick leave is due to back pain, which results in lost productivity at a cost of nearly $37.6 billion. Given that access to health professionals can be long and complex, global health leader Biotonix took action by creating the BTX application. This innovative technology alternative assesses individuals’ physical and mental health as well as the quality of their posture.

    How is BTX innovative? It revolutionizes the way global health is assessed without requiring access to health professionals. It provides users with access to a health-enhancing and rejuvenating program, and enables organizations to meet a key current challenge – that of ensuring their staff’s global health remotely.

    Business challenges

    • Biotonix aimed to develop an app to endow organizations with an easy-to-access and easy-to-use clinical resource of unlimited capacity to support their staff's overall well-being.
    • Lacking the required technology expertise, Biotonix turned to Nexus as a custom software-development partner to bring its vision to life.

    Technology needs

    • Technology objective: Enable users to self-assess their posture and physical capacity and perform psychometric tests in the comfort of their own home using their mobile device.
    • Intended impact: Empower people in their continuous health/physical improvement while providing them with physical training programs.
    • Challenges:
      • Personalized authentification for group management.
      • Testing on multiple devices.Automated deployment and multiple environments.Create a high-performance artificial-intelligence model for analyzing posture photos without the need for physical examinations.
      • Personalized authentication for group management.
      • Develop a robust AI resource for deployment in an unmonitored environment.

    Suggested solution

    The BTX app is scalable and relies on artificial intelligence to assess global health. This hybrid resource, built on a complex cloud-based system developed by the team at Nexus, is available on Apple and Android.

    Adopting the solution

    The BTX mobile app has enabled Biotonix to open up a new and distinct market and generate significant revenue growth. What’s more, the app’s scalability may also prompt a surge in profits.

    The BTX app’s impact within client organizations is both clear and positive:

    • 85% of participants say that the app brings health & safety and telework together more effectively
    • Reduced disability and absenteeism costs
    • 78% of employees say they are more engaged when their employer shows interest in their well-being
    • 15% of participants were able to avoid taking sick leave
    • Excellent participation rate: 62% of participants used the program regularly
    • The program significantly reduces lumbar, cervical, and back pain (-70%)
    • 80% say they felt increased group energy in the workplace thanks to the BTX app
    • Employees report feeling more energetic at work after taking part in health and wellness-monitoring activities

    “At Nexus, we found capable and passionate people who have become genuine partners in helping us achieve our vision as well as the goals we’d set for ourselves.”

    Sylvain Guimond, President, Biotonix

    Project team

    • Alexandra Lévy, Product Owner
    • Julie Mollet, UX Designer
    • Jonathan Dinelle, Developer
    • Alexandre Tardif, Developer
    • Simon Bérubé, Developer
    • Arnaud Martin, Developer
    • Sarah Laflamme, Developer
    • Sébastien Crête, Developer
    • Francis Hamel, Developer
    • André Lachance, Developer
    • Daniel Del Rio Devora, Developer
    • Charles Nollet, Developer
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