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  • Signs You Need a Modern Intranet to Improve Employee Experience

    As an HR or communications professional, you dream of an organization where communication is seamless and collaboration is effective. You envision a place where knowledge is easily shared, employees spend the majority of their time on meaningful and value-added tasks, information is easily accessible, and tools are easy to use.

    If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Improvements in collaboration and employee experience are the top reasons our customers are embarking on modern intranet projects. We've distilled insights from these projects to identify common signals that companies are benefiting from investing in an intranet initiative.

    Here are the key indicators to consider:

    Siloed work

    If your departments or branches work independently without sharing ongoing projects, this can lead to gaps in learning from colleagues' mistakes and successes. An effective intranet should act as a bridge for transparent collaboration, fostering an organizational culture of learning.

    Communication dependency

    If your HR department needs to share details of a new insurance policy, and your marketing department needs to announce a nomination for a prestigious competition in Quebec, difficulties in autonomous communication between departments can result in a significant workload for the team managing publications and unnecessary delays in sharing news.

    Employees ignore corporate communications

    If employees rarely notice or have stopped reading information shared on the intranet because it often doesn't concern them, it's time to question the effectiveness of your current communication channels. A modern intranet can help personalize information, ensure that each employee receives relevant messages, reduce noise, and increase engagement.

    Time wasted and repetitive tasks

    If employees would rather ask a specific person than search the intranet, it indicates a lack of confidence in the tool. Having to contact a person for valid and up-to-date information can result in significant time loss. A modern intranet should provide easy-to-use navigation so that everyone can quickly find the information they need.

    Decrease in news publishing

    Employees choose to send "all-staff" emails rather than use the intranet because publishing seems complicated. A modern intranet allows you to create page templates for quick publishing and target audiences with easy-to-configure settings.

    New employees are lost

    During the onboarding process of a new employee, having to create and share documents via email takes a lot of time and can leave new employees feeling lost and disconnected from the company culture. A modern intranet can play a critical role in integrating new members by facilitating access to critical information and fostering a sense of belonging.

    But where do you start?

    If you are experiencing any of these signs, it's time to give serious consideration to revamping your intranet. An investment in a modern intranet can not only improve employee experience and collaboration, but can also strengthen the day-to-day impact of your company's employees.

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