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    Optimal user experience

    The way you work is constantly evolving – the same is true of technology. Our experts help you apply Microsoft 365 in ways that make your teams’ user experience seamless, efficient, and fun.


    Cloud migration
    Microsoft 365 provides enhanced access to your data and cuts your infrastructure costs. Thanks to our experts’ solid migration expertise, we facilitate both your company’s smooth transition to the cloud and its digital transformation.    
    Document management
    This solution makes it easy for your employees to collaborate more effectively and find information quickly. Our experts apply best data-governance practices, enabling you to share documents in a controlled, secure, and efficient way.  
    Use Microsoft Power Automate to automate simple business processes. As a result, you make fewer manual operations and boost efficiency. By putting technology to work for you, our experts enable your teams to focus on challenging tasks that create value.      

    State-of-the-art work environment

    By structuring your intranet around native components, you create a turnkey solution that allows you to meet your needs and deliver greater value to your internal stakeholders.


    Building a game-changing workspace
    Leading-edge intranet

    With its streamlined design, quick information retrieval, and efficient navigation, this high-value knowledge-sharing resource keeps your employees optimally connected.




    A truly mobilizing resource

    With SharePoint Online, our experts build an intranet that reflects your corporate culture, bolsters your employees’ experience, and enables your teams to collaborate and share information quickly and easily.




    Ready access

    By implementing Microsoft Viva, our experts ensure that your intranet is easily accessible via Teams and on mobile devices.




    Successful roll-out and adoption

    Our experts work with you to roll out the solution and ensure its adoption across your organization. This is how we turn your intranet deployment into a success story.






    Microsoft 365 support

    Thanks to ongoing support from our Microsoft 365 Centre of Excellence and Innovation, you enjoy the full potential of the suite’s collaborative and productivity tools and enhance your teams’ experience at work on a daily basis.




    Expertise on request
    Our experts answer all your Microsoft 365 champs’ questions, thereby guiding them in building your internal expertise and ensuring they apply best-use practices.  
    Microsoft 365 drill-down
    Our experts help you find and use the Microsoft 365 features that provide the best fit with your needs, including improving your business processes.  
    Staying ahead of the curve
    The Microsoft 365 productivity suite is constantly updated. Our experts deliver a monthly webinar that reviews updates and highlights valuable new features.  

    Microsoft 365 custom solutions

    Your business is unique – and so are your technology needs. Our experts work with you to develop solutions that bring your vision to life and sharpen your competitive edge.


    Breakthrough workshops
    Our experts assess your specific needs and recommend innovative Microsoft 365 solutions.    
    Your one-stop solution
    You can use Microsoft Teams to centralize all your current applications. Create a convenient and effective one-stop solution for your teams and boost collaboration.    
    Centralized search
    Also, with Microsoft Search, you can create a one-stop solution for all your applications. Centralize information search and retrieval and enable your employees to make a greater impact.      
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