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LIFEPlan: Modernizing and migrating a Financial Analysis System to the cloud.

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Maxomsoft Innovations has created LIFEPlan, a financial analysis and planning software designed to support wealth management advisors and make it easier for them to meet their clients’ goals. To support its development, the company wanted to bring its current solution to a higher level of technological maturity. This would allow the solution to be deployed on a large scale.

Prior to the project, the system was hosted on physical servers and some modifications were required to make it a Software as a Service (SaaS) product and Nexus Innovations was selected as the technology partner to ensure the success of this project.

Business issues

  • Modernizing the existing technologies.
  • Migration of solution hosting to the cloud.
  • Need for a more robust solution in terms of security, availability, elasticity and performance.
  • Need to improve user experience.
  • Automating redundant manual tasks (purchasing services, autonomous account management, self-service information access).

Technology needs

  • Implement a user registration flow, strengthen security with Keyvault, document management, data anonymization.
  • Autonomous and automated process of registration/purchase of services versus manual management.
  • Third party integration (Equisoft)
  • Reduce development costs and maximize value by retaining multiple elements of the existing application.

Proposed approach

Nexus’ Project Team proposed building a Microsoft Azure infrastructure to meet all of Maxomsoft’s needs, including the following :

  • Provide a more secure and stable environment.
  • Guarantee solution availability at all times.
  • Reliably and safely host and manage files.

The team also integrated PayPal to enable purchasing services within the application. To improve the user experience, Nexus’ team held several workshops with the client to review the design of the platform. They also worked with an external partner to develop a landing page.

Adopting the solution

A technology solution may have tremendous potential, but it’s only as effective as the way users implement it. That’s why, at Nexus, we strongly emphasize adopting to the fullest the solutions we develop.

For the LIFEPlan application, the team implemented a simple and secure authentication system to facilitate user adoption. They also redesigned the overall look and feel of the application to make it easier to navigate. Explanatory videos were added to the application itself to guide users, as it is a relatively complex application in terms of concepts.

“Nexus Innovations’ Team has largely met, and even exceeded, what we needed and expected. They quickly became an indispensable partner because of their commitment to the success of our business. We have been completely satisfied with the work they have done. Your team members are valuable allies in helping us succeed. What makes them so important to us, beyond their technological expertise, is their sincere desire to see us succeed. For this, we would like to express our most sincere gratitude to them.”

Co-Founders, Marco and Tom Madon

The impact on the organization and its people

Here are the results observed by Maxomsoft Innovations :

  • Automation of recurring payments by advisors to gain access to the platform.
  • Reduce errors and reduce risk.
  • Growth of the number of users.

Project team

  • Marc-Éric Pelletier, Software Developer
  • Alexis Gendreau, Agile project manager
  • Daniel Gauthier, Agile Coach
  • Antoine Bouabana, Software Developer

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