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    A bit of background : 


    My name’s Pierre-Luc. I work at Nexus Innovations and I’m happy to tell you all about our team, what an SRE developer does, and why you should come work with us. Read on and discover a job position that is definitely out of the ordinary and maybe right for you. Enjoy the ride!😁

    Before getting into your potential role with us, let me tell you about Nexus and what we do. We’re a young Montreal company (founded only four years ago) that employs about 50 people and develops custom software solutions for clients. We’re determined to become an expert centre for Microsoft technologies as well as an employer of choice committed to employee’s well-being. Of course, to be an industry leader in Montreal, we need to grow our team – and that may be where you come in.

    I joined Nexus recently to set up a site-reliability engineering (SRE) team with a culture of continuous improvement. We want to deliver more than traditional reactive support – we want to provide our clients with full-range operating services for the software solutions we develop for them. Let’s face it, that involves a lot of work, and that’s why I need another colleague on the team.

    Your role : 

    What exactly does an SRE developer do? Software development, of course. What else? You apply your programming know-how to operations. By operations, I’m referring to an application’s life cycle once its features have been developed. In this role, you’ll produce, automate, and monitor our clients’ systems – support levels 2 and 3 and incident management. You’ll respond to client requests and also find opportunities for improving our processes and implementing systems for calculating metrics.

    Your main objectives? Enhance the reliability of our clients’ applications, improve our team processes, and be always on continuous-improvement mode.

    Ideally, you’d invest half of your time on operations, that is, client requests, and half on process improvement and automation. I said “ideally,” but let me be straight with you: we’re not there yet, but we’ll certainly work together to get there. Since we’re on the topic of transparency, know that it’s one of our top values at Nexus and that we have to apply it to everything we do, including working with our colleagues on software development (figures, anonymous survey results, and so on) and working with our partners (project status, obstacles, and so on).

    What we're looking for : 

    The person we’re looking for must like to write code using Microsoft technologies, but also enjoy programming in various languages. Since you’ll be working closely with clients, you have to be comfortable talking to them – and to the development team to get the information you need to do your job right. You also need to manage priorities well because change happens all the time in our work environment. By that I mean that we deal with different technologies and different business sectors, depending on the client. You’ve got to be able to handle a really broad range of requests. 

    If you’re a data-driven person with a keen interest in automation and problem-solving, we want to meet with you! 😊Experience? Not that important for us. If you like development and are looking for this kind of challenge, this may be the right fit! 

    I like to work with people who are committed to what they do and driven to overcome challenges. People who consider their mistakes opportunities for improvement and for whom teamwork is essential. 

    Why work at Nexus?

    I decided to join the team because I wanted to apply Nexus’s values to operations and support and broaden our service offer to our clients/partners. The opportunity to build a department from A to Z was also a motivator – I hope it motivates you too, because I can certainly use your help in meeting this huge challenge. I love teamwork, and our team spirit at Nexus (also one of our values) is incredible! If you come work with me, you’ll get lots of autonomy and trust. In fact, at Nexus, we put our trust in you as soon as you’re hired – on all facets of your work, including the role you play, the hours you put in, and vacations. Basically, you manage whatever you undertake, and we give you room to express your views and ideas for constantly improving our company.

    As an active person, one of the benefits of working at Nexus I really appreciate is the two paid hours a week we get for sports activities. I take advantage of this by going for a run or a swim or biking on weekdays while getting paid for it.

    Another thing I love about Nexus is the two paid hours a week we get for our own professional development (training, presentations, lunch & learn, and more). What an outstanding way of enhancing my skill sets and feeding my intellectual curiosity!

    If all of this sounds exciting to you, apply now for this position or drop me a line care of my colleagues, recruiters Sarah Dufresne or Marie Ramires Marques, on LinkedIn.

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