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    Nexus Innovations is a young and fast-growing software engineering company based in Montreal. We work with Microsoft technologies and Agile values. Employee satisfaction and well-being and a vibrant company culture are among our top priorities.

    Our mission is to build outstanding solutions, cultivate talent, and share our experiences.

    Our vision is to make our people-centric approach the standard in IT consulting – to everyone’s benefit!

    We’re looking for full-stack developers who want to create custom software solutions, learn the ins-and-outs of client business processes, and make a decisive impact on project delivery.

    We’re also looking for people who can contribute to every phase of software-development projects (web, DevOps, databases, QA, infrastructure, architecture, and more). For us, being full stack isn’t just a matter of front-end or back-end – it’s a mindset!

    What does a dev do at Nexus?

    At Nexus, we work as a team! In fact, that’s one of our values. So, you can expect to co-create with your colleagues and share your technical know-how. Here’s an overview of a software developer’s role on the team in three areas of expertise: technical, consulting, and communal.


    💰 Delivering value: 
    Ability to deliver effective code and find added-value solutions with minimal time investment. 

    🧪 Testing and QA: 
    Knowledge of good practices for software quality assurance and deployment of automated testing suites. 

    🚀 DevOps: 
    Proficiency in Cloud technologies, good practices to minimize the development cycle, and automation tools for deployment in various environments. 


    🧭 Design and architecture:  
    Ability to build robust solutions that meet business needs by selecting the best available Cloud components and architectural patterns in our area of expertise. 

     👨‍💼 Expert client advice: 
    Ability to understand clients’ business sectors and needs, recommend proper technology solutions, navigate through various constraints, and structure production workflow. 


    👩‍🏫 Mentoring and community: 
    Knowledge of good practices in the industry and ability to pass on knowledge to enrich team skill sets and boost the company’s brand. 

    🏃‍♂️ Agility and teamwork: 
    Ability to work in a team setting and organize the delivery of software-development increments per everyone’s strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. 

    Our technology stack

    • Backend: C#, .NET 5, .NET, ASP.NET, Entity Framework  
    • Frontend: Javascript, ES6, TypeScript, Angular, React, Vue, HTML5, CSS, SCSS
    • Tools: Visual Studio, VS Code, Git, SonarCloud 
    • DevOps: Azure, Docker
    • DB: SQL Server, CosmosDB
    • Project management: Azure DevOps, Agilité, Scrum
    • Infra as Code (IaC): Terraform, Bicep and ARM templates
    • Security: Azure Active Directory, Service Principal, OAuth, Key Vault.

    Why be a dev with us?

    Fulfilment at work is more than a matter of compensation and work hours. It’s also about being self-reliant, achieving your potential, and pulling together. And, of course, having fun! 

    Here’s what we offer: 

    • Long-term (20-year) high-impact career development 
    • Versatile teams that love to learn new things 
    • A stimulating technology environment where teams stay current with the latest developments 
    • Complex projects in diverse business sectors 

    Why work with Nexus?

    • Because we offer plenty of flexibility (work hours, leaves, vacation, and more)
    • Because your personal life is as important as your professional life
    • Because we place our trust in you on the very first day
    • Because we encourage you to share your ideas and views and contribute to our success at Nexus
    • Because you get two paid hours a week to pursue sports or volunteering opportunities
    • Because you also get two paid hours a week for your own professional development
    • Because you have access to a telemedicine service
    • Because you get a group RRSP and a group insurance plan fully paid for by your employer
    • Because we have loads of fun!
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