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  • GoRecycle : A solution for transforming data into business intelligence

    GoRecycle manages and funds household-appliance recycling activities in more than 260 drop-off centres across Québec. This not-for-profit organization is recognized by RECYC-QUÉBEC as a representative of retailers and manufacturers that have joined forces to improve household-appliance recycling in the province.

    GoRecycle is a young company that was looking for a technology partner to help it meet both its short-terms needs and obtain support for growth and solutions to problems over the long term.

    Business challenges

    Gorecycle needed to implement a technology solution to process, standardize, and transform data from multiple partners into clear and relevant business information.

    Technology needs

    Member-relationship management

    • Provide members with effective customer service: answer their questions, facilitate access to their information, and more
    • Implement customized processes for a membership base made up of organizations with different objectives: from ecocentres to retailers to manufacturers, comms are managed in different ways
    • Enable in-house collaboration and info-sharing to ensure positive member experiences

    Collection management at drop-off centres

    • Provide registration, needs management, and access to collection-related information from drop-off centres
    • Build the solution into various systems, including Outlook and Xero (accounting software)
    • Manage and monitor a wide variety of documents
    • Implement business intelligence: data analysis and reporting, performance-assessment tools, KPI-monitoring, real-time reports, and more

    Timely and effective performance

    • The solution had to provide quick responses to incoming requests and process large volumes of data simultaneously
    • The solution had to be optimally effective to enable the small team in place to focus on more value-added tasks

    Suggested solution

    The technology solution developed by Nexus is based on the development of applications that are code-free or contain low-code components (Model-Driven Apps within PowerApps). The solution offers a unified interface as well as accessible and responsive design across browsers and popular mobile devices. The app comprises multiple features, including dashboards, forms, views, graphs, and business processes. Together, these features deliver a complete solution designed to meet needs in various areas, including business intelligence, operations, and partner management.

    Adopting the solution

    A technology solution may have tremendous potential, but it’s only as effective as the way users implement it. That’s why, at Nexus, we strongly emphasize adopting to the fullest the solutions we develop.

    In the case of Gorecycle project’s, Model-Driven Apps components were key to adoption, since they helped train super-users to be fully self-reliant in handling, maintaining, and enhancing the solution.

    “The solution developed by Nexus enables us to monitor our customer accounts and communicate with CRM users more effectively. It also allows us to save time compared with using the Excel database and create more detailed and precise customer files.”

    - Bernard Bordeleau, Environmental and financial performance analyst

    The impact on the organization and its people

    By developing and deploying business technologies, Nexus aims, above all, to enable individuals to boost their impact at work and on their organizations’ overall performance. The reported post-mandate results for Gorecycle are as follows:

    • Successfully introduced a data-oriented culture for the purposes of collecting historical data, measuring, comparing, and forecasting
    • Simplified process for employees
    • Greater self-reliance and efficiency thanks to unified data
    • Quicker reporting
    • More comprehensive overview

    Project team

    • Mathieu Boldireff, Delivery Manager
    • Dominic Larochelle, D365 Integrator
    • Jérémie Fortier, D365 Integrator
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