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Feeling at Home During a Job Interview Process : Our Approach at Nexus

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See this great big team? 95% of us went through our job interviews with Sarah Dufresne, and we were all marked by the approach and recruitment practices she implemented at Nexus, now an integral part of our culture.

Our practices include various elements such as:

  1. Personalizing our approach messages: explaining why we were drawn to a profile, how the potential relationship can be a “fit.”
  2. Having transparent conversations in the form of exchanges (not formal interviews): keeping in mind that the person in front of us is also recruiting; giving them space to interview us.
  3. Ensuring follow-up and transparency after each stage of our hiring process: maintaining the connection is crucial to provide clarity throughout the process and demonstrate our support, as changing jobs is a significant step in life!
“How did Nexus make you feel during your interview?”

We asked this question to some of our colleagues at Nexus because we frequently hear that our recruitment approach at Nexus is warm and unique. Some beautiful responses emerged, such as:

  • It’s downright disarming to experience such a transparent, down-to-earth, and well-oiled recruitment strategy. – Frédéric Laurier-Montpetit
  • I knew I could be myself and that we could talk about ‘real stuff.’ We even had the chance to share a few laughs from the start, creating a relaxed and human atmosphere. – Frédéric Janelle
  • On my hiring day, I didn’t know the area and drove around for nearly 30 minutes to find parking. Seeing that I probably wouldn’t arrive on time, I called to explain the situation. I was so stressed. But Sarah was very understanding. Upon arrival, I received a super warm welcome, was offered coffee, and we chatted a bit, relaxed by the coffee machine. At that moment, my stress disappeared, and I discovered a company with an exceptional vibe. I could interview without the pressure I had upon arrival, which made all the difference. – Alexandre Michon

As a bonus, here’s a funny anecdote from Alexandre Paolitto, our Solutions Architect for over 3 years:

“I still had an external preview of Nexus that gave a warm and welcoming feeling, so I didn’t expect something too formal. However, it’s an interview, and the impacts on our lives between success and failure can be quite significant, so I was still a bit nervous when the fateful moment arrived.

In short, the interview time came, I logged into Zoom, while Sarah and a colleague, Simon, who was participating in the meeting, were in a conversation. Obviously, they didn’t realize I was there. The first sentence I heard from Sarah to Simon: ‘Do you still have your toilet paper background?’

Let’s say the nervousness level decreased quite rapidly from there and for the rest of the hour.”

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