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Patrick Lavallée

Software Developper, Sharepoint Tech Lead


The product of an unconventional career path, Patrick is a no-nonsense jack of all trades with over 10 years of Microsoft experience under his belt, most notably, SharePoint. Patrick is a strong proponent of the Agile software development method, consistently applying his Agile teachings to drive projects from inception to completion.


Patrick’s principle strength, the cornerstone of his power, lies with his primal need to optimize every aspect of his workflow. As Patrick would say, if it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing efficiently. His unconditional love of automation leads him, perhaps too often, to PowerShell. More than just a fine tuned analytical mind, Patrick is, first and foremost, a social animal: he is second to none at customer relations, and a real expert at efficiently identifying all your product needs. Patrick is authentic, and good humoured, and generally a major boost to the atmosphere around the office.

A die hard heavy metal fan, Patrick refused to change shirts during his official staff picture (to the dismay of our chief design officer!). If Patrick isn’t at his post coding up a storm, he’s almost certainly in the lounge strumming a few notes on his most cherished possession: his Fender base guitar.

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