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Kim De Baene

Agile Project Manager


For more than fifteen years, Kim has held roles as Product Manager, Project Manager, Communication Strategist and Analyst. She has built her experience in diverse areas from health, to software engineering, SaaS, educational success and human rights


Kim demonstrates great versatility and exceptional ability to make connections. Her passion and determination lead her to surpass herself and offer the best of herself. Her strength in communication and her empathy allow her to fully understand clients' and teams' needs and objectives.

We are convinced that Kim was Brazilian in another life. She speaks an excellent Portuguese, plus dances and teaches samba de gafieira, a Brazilian tango. She has also practiced capoeira, a combat dance from this country, for almost 10 years and practices several other Brazilian dances such as forró, samba no pé, maculelê and maracatú. She will most likely organize her 9th trip to Brazil in 2020.

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