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Hakime Bezza

Scrum Master


With an atypical career, system and network admin, sports project manager, boxing coach and capoeira, sports psychosocial worker and website developer, Hakime found himself on the road of the agility for personal interest, initially, then professionaly since his arrival at Nexus.


His listening and observation skills, as well as his experience in group dynamics management, allow him to coach people where they are in their professional and personal lives. By its role, it feeds reflections, accompanies teams in the emergence of solutions ... and vibrates when these interactions create sparks in the eyes of others.

His lifestyle is active. He practices gafieira, a Brazilian couple dance, and travels by bike in summer and winter. For two years, he has developed a growing interest in trail running. In September 2018, he ran more than 100 km in the Charlevoix region and enjoyed it a lot! His next goal is to run around Mont Blanc in France! For him, everything is a matter of mind, approaching the situation and, above all, preparation!

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