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Arnaud Martin

Software developer


A native of France, Arnaud came up in the world of industry, most notable working with LED lighting and feeding livestock. Although this work paid the bills, it wasn’t where Arnaud’s heart was: that honor was reserved for web development. For this reason, Arnaud decided to completely change the direction of his career and pursue his dream. Today, we are proud to say he is our go-to frontend web development guru.


Arnaud loves styling, laying out, animating and generally just giving life to a web site or web app. He is an extremely fast study, and highly detail oriented. Outside of his development environment, Arnaud prefers to keep a low profile, rarely instigating any controversy; on the other hand, he is an unparalleled listener and a premium team player!

In 2015, Arnaud, along with other world travellers from Europe and Asia, headed off to Australia for 4 months to participate in the tomato harvest. During this period, Arnaud acquire an extensive collection of new swear words from over a dozen countries. His favorite, in Korean: shiba!

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