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André Lachance

Software Developer


Although André began his professional journey in the world of petrochemical manufacturing, he quickly realized he would need to find a career offering more substantial intellectual challenges. Nursing a lifelong passion for information technology and computer science, André reoriented his career towards software engineering. It was during this chapter of André’s story that he had the opportunity to collaborate with Nexus Innovations, and that Nexus had the opportunity to embark on meaningful, long-lasting relationship with André!


André is constantly looking out for his teammates, frequently volunteering to help anyone and everyone with anything they need. Driven by curiosity, André is always wondering how things work and putting in the work to find out for sure; and when his work gets frustrating, and he encounters more problems than solution, he never loses his cool, never gets upset. A man of infinite patience!

André absolutely loves cooking and chocolate, especially cooking with chocolate! André doesn’t kid around with fitness and never misses an opportunity to work out. In fact, André has successfully climbed six major mountains in the United States in only three days, on a busted knee! When he’s not busy eating chocolate or climbing mountains, you can find André surrounded by his buddies enjoying a relaxing game of Dungeons and Dragons. Hyperaware of his surroundings, if something goes down and André’s around, he’s already on top of the situation. Fun fact: André is a certified rescue operator and is the go-to individual for anything catastrophe-related.

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