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Center for Psychology Gouin: Implementation of a Business Central Solution

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The Nexus team was commissioned to implement the Dynamics Business Central solution (ERP) at the Centre de psychologie Gouin (CPG), a non-profit organization providing psychological programs and services to a diverse population through a network of psychologists.

Initially, the CPG approached Nexus to develop a system facilitating the transmission and management of receipts issued by psychologists. After discussions, it became apparent that their accounting system needed to be replaced by a more user-friendly, integrable, and maintainable solution, extending beyond the management of receipts.

Business Challenges

  • Save time and improve efficiency in accounting management.
  • Enable organizational growth with existing internal capabilities (without hiring).

Technological Needs

  • Cash accounting for approximately 1000 transactions per month.
  • Management of receivables from clients and institutions.
  • Management of payables.
  • Payment to psychologists (independent contractors).
  • Ability to add the logo to invoices.
  • Preventing the recording of transactions in the wrong month.
  • Ability to work in batches.
  • Ability to generate sequential document/file numbers.
  • Internal payroll management.
  • Bank transfers (EFT)

Proposed Solution

Understanding CPG’s needs, Nexus’ team proposed using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) as a more robust system to replace the current accounting system.

Microsoft Dynamics BC allows for financial management of all operations via cloud access, offering the capability to handle receivables, payables, and other financial operations, supporting the workforce of any organization. Here is a preview of the solution’s interface:

Solution Adoption

A technological solution may have incredible potential, but its effectiveness depends on user adoption. Nexus places great importance on maximizing the adoption of the solutions they develop.

In the CPG project, the Nexus team conducted a training session with the organization’s team to transfer knowledge and ensure their questions were addressed.

“I sincerely want to thank Nexus for your openness and interest in our needs and our story. I can well imagine that, due to our size, we are a ‘small client’ for you, but we were treated like a big client. Moreover, you have directly and very concretely contributed to our growth. Today, we can support the activities of 50 psychologists, doctoral students, and interns with the same workforce (!)… When I wrote to you in 2020, I had 16 psychologists on the team, I already had difficulties with my old accounting system, and I had the choice between hiring again or calling you. So, this is very, very concrete success.”

Joëlle Tétreault-LaRoche, Administrative Director

Impact on the Organization and its People

By developing and deploying business technologies, Nexus aims, above all, to enable individuals to boost their impact at work and on their organizations’ overall performance. The reported post-mandate results for CPG are as follow:

  • Standardization of processes, increasing efficiency, and consequently offering better service to clients.
  • Reduction of data entry error risk related to writing in the wrong accounting period.
  • Improvement of system integration capabilities.
  • Establishment of a structure allowing the CPG to enhance its operations and reduce the burden on the finance group.

Project team

  • Guillaume Bouchard-Lafond, Dynamics 365 Expert

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