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I set up my SharePoint corporate intranet in less than a month!

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The last intranet you will ever need!

Intranets have been experiencing a major pivot since 2018. The market is moving away from fully tailored solutions towards a majority of native solutions (out of the box) based on the SharePoint Online. As a matter of fact, why start over when more than 80% of the features requested on intranet projects are the same?

Organizations prefer to implement a solution that quickly meets most of their needs and connect more quickly with their employees. Specific features (20%) can come in later. Adoption comes before completion.

In order to significantly reduce the costs of setting up and migrating your current intranet to Office 365, we recommend using a third-party product: Valo Intranet (

Valo is a continuously updated SAAS solution that keeps up with Microsoft’s updates.   The product adapts to user feedback, best practices and puts forward new innovative ideas.   Long migration and upgrade projects for your intranet become a thing of the past!

Improve Office 365 adoption

Valo was built on Microsoft’s recommendations and aligns with the Office 365 roadmap. The product offers a multitude of advantages:

  1. Simple and intuitive user experience (UI / UX)
  2. Modern design adapted to your brand
  3. Usable on all devices (Web and mobile)
  4. Fast and easy to deploy
  5. Available in multiple languages (20 +) with automated translation
  6. Regular updates and evolutions
  7. 100% integrated with SharePoint Online’s native features

Valo improves SharePoint Online experience without distracting or damaging the ecosystem:

  1. Simplified experience for content creators
  2. Easier and more consistent global navigation
  3. Improved Employee directory
  4. Autonomy to create your own page templates
  5. Several other modules available as needed

Ask for a demo of the product:

Our Intranet Office 365 offer

Nexus can deploy a business intranet quickly in your environment and/or adapt to your organizational needs. We offer support in deployment, migration, governance and adoption of your new corporate communication tool.

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