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Software Developer – Intern (Fall 2024)

Our technologies :
  • Backend : C#, .NET Core
  • Frontend : React, Vue, Angular, TypeScript, HTML, SCSS
  • Infrastructure : Azure
  • DevOps : Bicep, CI/CD (YAML), Docker
  • Outils : Visual Studio, VS Code, Git, SonarCloud
  • BD : SQL Server
  • Gestion de projet : Azure DevOps, Scrum
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At Nexus, qe are the technological go-to partner for SMBs, supporting leaders and their teams in ideation, development, and adoption of business technologies.

As Microsoft experts, we combine business strategy with user experience to deliver solutions that empower everyone to have a positive impact on their organization’s performance. Our strength lies in our ability to customize Microsoft cloud technologies to better integrate with our clients’ processes and make the most of them.

Our mission: To provide users with powerful technological tools that give meaning to their work and create a positive impact for their organization.

Our vision: Helping humans work better on what matters.

Your role:

Five axes define the work of our SaaS development teams. Here, we’ve even swapped out job descriptions for a progression grid. This way, you have the key elements to succeed and grow in our company at your own pace, based on your knowledge and abilities.

  • Productivity: Your ability to deliver value to our clients and achieve the goals set by your team.
  • Quality: Your ability to deliver features that meet our quality standards. Service: Your ability to understand our clients’ domain and business objectives and find appropriate technical solutions.
  • Teamwork: Your ability to collaborate and communicate with other members of your agile team, being a team player.
  • Impact: The influence you can have on the organization, recognized by your team.

Your profile:

At Nexus, we have three different flavors to represent our technical expertise: back-end, front-end, and infrastructure. You have a unique profile with different interests and strengths compared to your colleagues. You might have a dominant flavor or a different level. Regardless of your profile, you will be recognized for your expertise, but you are expected to be involved in all aspects and phases of a software project.

It’s also possible that you haven’t found your flavor yet, but you’ll discover it with us.

Our technologies:

  • Backend: C#, .NET Core
  • Frontend: React, Vue, Angular, TypeScript, HTML, SCSS
  • Infrastructure: Azure
  • DevOps: Bicep, CI/CD (YAML), Docker
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Tools: Visual Studio, VS Code, Git, SonarCloud Project Management: Azure DevOps, Scrum

Why become an intern at Nexus?

  • Because we invite you to share your ideas, voice your opinions, and even contribute to Nexus’s success.
  • Because we offer a hybrid work environment, letting you choose between remote work or the office.
  • Because we provide you with 2 paid hours per week for sports, volunteering, or professional development.
  • Because you’ll work on the same projects as our full-time colleagues! Yes, even if you’re an intern! 🙂

We prioritize well-being.

Finding personal fulfillment at work is more than a matter of advantages and schedules. It’s about being autonomous, achieving one’s potential, and helping one another.

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