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We are a team of passionate experts who chose to work in a fulfilling environment. We’re happy at work, happy to collaborate on awesome projects and happy to move technology forward, together.

Every day, we progress towards building a company culture that reflects who we are individually, that evolves as we grow, and transcends our shared company values. Our company vision is extremely ambitious and the only way we can make it happen is by empowering our teammates, helping them to thrive and enabling their personal ambitions.

We strongly believe that our company’s success and growth is tightly bound to the personal achievements and well-being of each of us. When we meet new candidates, we consider their professional and academic background, their technical knowledge and their attitude. We hire with an open mind, but we make no compromise on attitude. We measure the quality of one’s contribution by their level of commitment, the ability to innovate, their skills to solve problems efficiently, but mostly by the overall positive impact that one has on his surroundings.

The ability to generate happiness is something we value greatly. We know that a flexible schedule that adapts to your daily professional and personal constraints fosters better results in the end. Employees are then more productive and a healthy work-life balance is key to genuine happiness. In short, we care about people.

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