Our three pillars approach —

Our approach is grounded in the belief that business value only materializes when a user leverages our solution the right way and not a second before. At Nexus Innovations, we place the users and their journey to adoption at the heart of our strategy.

Our approach is also reflected in the way we manage each project. We bring together three expertise to create your dream team. This team will lead you throughout your project from discovery, prioritization, prototyping, execution, quality assurance to the post-mortem.

Business Strategy

Every project starts with a business objective or opportunity. Understanding that a project is about resolving those challenges and not about delivering features is key to a project’s success. We work upstream with our clients to develop and implement technology roadmaps that will drive growth.

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Technology Expertise

Here, we refer to our technological expertise. Our software development capabilities and ability to customize Microsoft cloud technologies to maximize their functionality means we can deliver proven, reliable, and future-proof solutions.

User Experience

The user perspective refers to the way we involve users throughout each project. We work with them to understand and identify their needs and develop solutions that give meaning to human work and make a positive impact in an organization.

We tackle every project with these principles in mind :

Iterative and Agile Methodology

By actively involving users in our process, we can tap into their valuable insights and gather more feedback, allowing us to adjust the solution as needed. This dynamic, agile approach paves the way for a more refined and successful solution that better meets the needs of those who will use it.


Change is never easy. That’s why our approach places an emphasis on change management and ongoing user testing. By including users every step of the way, it allows them to understand and embrace changes, reduce resistance, and promote a smoother transition, resulting in a more successful implementation.


With our approach, organizations can stay agile and adapt to changing user needs and expectations. By proactively seeking out user feedback, we can quickly identify areas for improvement and make iterative changes to the solution. This not only ensures that the solution meets current user needs but also guarantees that the solution remains relevant and useful in the long term.

A step-by-step process.

Reduce your projeCt’s risks

Diagnostic + Strategy

Technology is a means, not an end. It’s a significant way to bring your vision to life and sharpen your competitive edge. That’s why we start all of our projects with a diagnostic workshop. In addition, starting with a diagnostic reduces the risk of project delivery by clarifying the scope and cost of implementation.

We conduct a diagnostic workshop to understand your business and processes. We familiarize ourselves with your current technology stacks and identify issues and opportunities.

We work with your executives, teams, and users to redefine your processes and reimagine ways of doing things. By including all of them in the creative process from the start, we reduce project risks, allowing for an in-depth business reflection, fostering faster adoption, and improving solution performance.

Simplifying the way you work. Together

Technology Customization

What if we always used the right tool for the right job? By leveraging the customization capabilities of Microsoft technologies, we can help you build unique solutions that will transform your organization. Simply. Cost-effectively.

Once the diagnostic phase is completed, we recommend whether to keep, modify or introduce new integrations. We will identify the best solutions for your needs and build a comprehensive roadmap. Our team’s strength is its ability to customize Microsoft cloud technologies, maximize their functionalities, and strategically integrate them into your business operations.

Why we use Microsoft technologies.

First and foremost, because they guarantee sustainability, accessibility, and security. They are reliable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Secondly, they provide low-code environments that reduce development costs.

Microsoft solutions are highly customizable and can be shaped to fit any organization’s needs.


Technology Support + Evolution

We don’t consider our job done until your solution helps you to achieve your business objectives. We work tirelessly to ensure your new tech stack is effectively implemented, adopted, and used to its fullest potential. We set in motion guiding principles and best practices inspired by site reliability engineering (SRE) to ensure your solution dependability.


We take care of it all for you. We provide your teams with the know-how they need to get the most out of your technology investment.

Change management

We continue to work with your users to adapt the solution, improve workflow, and share insights. By engaging them from the get-go, we prioritize ongoing training, thereby maximizing their ability to use the solution.


Our goal is to offer you peace of mind. We use software tools to automate your solution upgrades and monitoring. We also support your IT teams to ensure the solution’s stability and reliability.

Let us be part of your transformation.

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