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We are a software engineering and consulting firm that specializes in business technologies. We believe that delivering outstanding results requires exceptional relationships, based on shared values, understanding and trust.

Our story.

Nexus was founded in 2017 by a team made up of intrapreneurs and customer service-focused individuals with one goal in common: to promote the software/business partnership. Building on its diverse expertise and flexible structure, our small team quickly came to understand and manage the different realities of its partners, who saw Nexus as the technology partner of their dreams. From the very beginning, we put employee well-being high on our list of priorities.

And this culture of nurturing brought us a long way: from a single employee in April 2017, we grew to a staff of 65 in a few short years. Fully convinced that progress is facilitated by teamwork, we believe that personal fulfillment creates value, as do diversity and versatility. Making a real impact, working collectively and individually, leveraging multiple skills and unique talents: that’s what working with us means.

Our mission

Provide powerful technology tools that make people’s work meaningful and have a positive impact on their organization.

Our vision

Help humans work on what really matters.

Our Values

A collective journey guided by our core beliefs :

01 — Transparency

Our favourite colour. There’s no room for secrets: open communication is a must.

02 — Teamwork

We did the math. The whole is, without a doubt, greater than the sum of its parts.

03 — Flexibility

We adopt flex appeal because trust, autonomy and open-mindedness are solid foundations for a long-lasting, successful relationship.

04 — Engagement

Our engagement with client projects goes beyond mere involvement; it’s a dedicated quest for excellence, driving transformative results through close collaboration.

human centric APPROACH

Meet our team.

Nexus is on a mission to cultivate an environment in which universal intrinsic needs for autonomy, skills and social affiliation are stimulated and fulfilled. Our point of view is clear: A company can only develop, grow, stand out and excel if it is supported by many individuals guided by compelling values. People who thrive at work. People who are satisfied with their work & life balance.

Camille Gauthier
Camille Gauthier

Software Developer

Robin Leblond
Robin Leblond

Software engineering team leader

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Your Microsoft solution partner.

We are software engineers, Microsoft experts and intrapreneurs. We work collectively, leveraging multiple skills and unique talents to spark inspiration and create tangible, meaningful impact.

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