Year: 2019

Dynamics x Teams

Recipe to reduce information loss.

Published on October 29, 2019 by Guillaume Bouchard Lafond

(Recipe at the end)

Teams is increasingly taking its place in our organizations as a communication tool, but should Teams only be used to communicate? (You know the answer is no) Rather, it should be our main tool for collaboration, and to do so, it should have access to the information that allows us to do our job.

So in order to …

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How to convert O365 Group emails to posts in Teams or Trello

Published on July 31, 2019 by Mathieu Roy

Recently I had the following challenge: we created a private Team to discuss confidential matters at work, but we wanted people that were not Team members to be able to send concerns / suggestions by email. Additionally, if those emails were automatically converted to a Trello card and a new thread in Teams, would be great, wouldn’t it? I found a way to do it but with the way Office 365 Groups are configured, it's not that easy. I needed to create a custom rule in Exchange Online. The steps are detailed in this post.